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Specialty: perfumes and social movements, “culture of perfume”

Hello, it’s nice to meet you!

My name is Juraj Sotosek-Rihtarec and this is my personal blog that I am running because of my love for perfumes, human olfactive system and scent memories. This is the place where I freely express my perfume opinions.


I am the Master of Political Science with specialisation in International Relations and Political Theory, but also, I am on my second Master of European Affairs at University Paris-Sorbonne IV in Paris. Although it may seem that my academic background has nothing to do with perfumes, it is no quite so. It is wrong to think that political science doesn’t have any link with scents because I would have never opened this blog if I didn’t study social sciences. Troughout political science I have been into gender studies, social movements, philosophy, history, which helped me to develop particular approach to perfumes – to attach to perfumes their social context, history and current trends on market.
I was largely influenced by Octavian Coifan and Chandler Burr. In particular, I consider Mister Coifan as my personal mentor who helps me to open my horizons and new understandings of perfumery. Because of his ancient writings, I adopted the approach of 8th Art and interpretation of perfumes through artistic movements. As the result of new thinking, I was TED talker on the TEDx event in 2014. On my TED talk, I expressed my idea of what art might be and how we could consider perfumes. Being in Paris, that opened many new doors for me and I am exploring new dimension of perfumes and, for the first time, raw materials. Due to access to raw materials, my articles are often technical although I prefer to give the context and subjective idea of a perfume. Because of the success of my blog, I organised already several perfume soirées, in collaboration with French Embassy, with perfumers within the industry and very soon, the next one will be in the heart of Paris.Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will enjoy your stay here,


Juraj Sotosek Rihtarec