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I am speechless. My wine & perfume pairings are offering me a lot of pleasure, but it was a pure delight to make the pairing with this wine, produced by Giorgio Clai. We’re speaking of Clai Wines, Brombonero 2009 vintage. Mindlowing wine that can offer you new mouthful sensations and experience. It was hard to connect any perfume to it because the wine is very special and simply different.

Clai is something new to me. When I was living in Paris, my dear friend, who is a judge at the Court of Appeal, was always buying wine casks with Grand Crus inside and taught me a lot about wines. I was mesmerized with French wines and I appreciate them, put at some point, I realized that Croatian winemakers have a lot to offer, especially the hidden ones. Clai is one of them. Their business lies in Krasica, village in “white” Istria, 40 km across the Croatian border from Trieste. It is a family business encompassing 8 hectares of vineyards and 3 hectars of olive trees. They are producing bio-dynamic wines, meaning that they are paying the respect to the tradition, meaning that the approach respects the nature in its fullest and is inspired by the principles of the generation of grandparents. Inside of Clai wines you can’t find systematic treatments like herbicides, insecticides, commercial fertilizers or something other. I am a big supporter of artisan or hand-made products, such as perfumes, patina shoes, watches and wine. There is nothing more beautiful than the product of the man’s hand.

The geographical position where Clai estate is set, is known for a micro-climate that influences the quality of everything that grows there because it’s between the sea, the river and the mountain. What I always support is the indigenous touch because the folklore, the culture is the one’s heritage. Therefore, Clai attracted me because they are not producing single international varieties, but Malvasia, Refosco and Muscat or mixing them with well-known grapes.

Clai Brombonero by BL’eauOG

Brombonero 2009. is my first encounter with Clai wines and I am sorry I wasn’t familiar with them before. It happened yesterday night and I am spellbound. It’s as beautiful as the most beautiful perfume. Perfume is the product of passion, special care, millions of tiny things that are composing it and it’s very subjective and individual,, just like wine. Brombonero 2009. could lay in the cave for longer because it is potent, full of energy, bursting with strength and sharp, dry spices. You can have the sensation of soft woody aftertaste and feel well matured fruits covered with sun. That’s how I imagine the perfect wine. As I can feel the passion behind this bottle, label and the cork. I would like to meet Clai family one day if I get a chance.

When you’re making a perfume, every batch will have something specific and different. Clai believes in the same thing: “that no year is “good” or “bad” if you work in a natural way – the vintages are just different. They depend on seasonal climatic factors that determine the absolute value of the wine: its quality”. When I got the sensation of the wine, it reminded me of some perfumes and the atmosphere they transmit. The closest one would be Chanel’s Coromandel because of the deep, soft drydown and Nishane’s Patchouli Kozha which is full of energy and spices just like this wine. On the other hand, the roundness in Guerlain’s Bois d’Arménie or Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company have the same character as this Clai – well rounded elegance.

To conclude with a thought – no wonder Brombonero is consecutive winner of the title of the Best Croatian wine.

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Juraj, BL’eauOG

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