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When I was at my first University, I did the Master of political science and I was writing my beloved BL’eauOG. I would have never guessed that someone will come and talk about the perfume brand that has much to do with what I studied. Well, Sana Jardin did exactly that and got me interested. This is the article about them and their perfume Nubian Musk which is made of ingredients from sustainable sources. 

Sana Jardin has a great name signing the creations for them, Mister Carlos Benaim who is famous for his creations at YSL and Frédéric Malle, composed their perfumes. Nubian Musk is very lovely oriental perfume showing the beauty of dark, opulent musk. Everything that needs to make oriental creation is inside this perfume. A whiff of dry spices is at the top. They’re prickly and wild, but settle down when the heart starts to open. The core is made of sweet oriental rose, dominated by vanilla. Finally, everything goes into dark musk and harsh woods. It’s a perfume you would like to wear to the party at the top of the house that’s on the edge of the desert in Morocco.

The story behind all of this is really beautiful. Sana Jardin is not just a brand, but the social movement.  Beyond Sustainability™ is a movement to create tangible and measurable social change through commerce, not charity. It’s a movement to create female entrepreneurs who are agents of change in their community. It is built on traditional, sustainable practices and fair trade. Beyond Sustainability™ is preserving heritage skills while inspiring the next generation of artisans.

Nubian Musk by BL’eauOG

A first in the fragrance world, Sana Jardin was created primarily as a vehicle for social change to power social impact through the economic empowerment of women through The Beyond Sustainability Movement, starting with female flower harvesters in Morocco, who hand pick floral ingredients for Sana Jardin’s perfumes.

Traditionally, the rose, jasmine and orange blossom harvests only provided short-lived employment for the women harvesters, with no alternative employment options. Furthermore, 900 tons of orange blossom waste by-product are yielded annually from the harvest and essential oil distillation, (the first stage of perfume production). Sana Jardin created closed loop systems that enable the women to upcycle floral waste into their own line of products including orange blossom water and orange blossom, jasmine and rose candles that they sell locally and nationally. This provides employment throughout the year.

Sana Jardin is finally something new and refreshing on the perfume scene. Brings a smile on my face because it opened my eyes and I learned something new. It’s the project worth of great support. Furthermore, what is also important, Sana Jardin perfumes are free of artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes and include between 15% – 20% natural essential oils. Glass bottle and cap are crafted with recycled material while box is 100% recyclable.  This may be the most sustainable brand that I saw so far, great story and great cause. BL’eauOG is standing for that!

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Juraj, BL’eauOG


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