Dreamland composed by Andy. 

How not to be subjective when it comes to Andy Tauer? How to resist to the charm of perfumes by Swiss perfumer with mustaches and blue eyes? His benchmark perfume, L’Air du Désert Marocain in Eau de Toilette Intense already became a perfume myth. I have Au Cœur du Désert under my nose, that exists in Extrait de Parfum, and I feel so mighty, so powerful, like the desert itself. This extract is a new star in perfume world. If you like the first edition, you will be won over with this one. My Master thesis tutor likes Tauer’s perfumes since I showed him discovery set. From that moment on, he was reading critics on Tauer. Professor is especially amused by reviews of another blogger, Luca Turin, who is a biochemist by education and profession.  Turin was so enchanted by L’Air du Désert that he wore it on the day of his wedding.

When I got mine Au Cœur, I felt like it’s Christmas already. A long, long desired creation which is a keeper. A monument in my collection. I also admire Andy Tauer as a chemist and perfumer who started on his own and who has organic growth of his brand. Two weeks ago I went to a wedding of a friend which took place in Belgrade and it was the first time I wore Au Cœur. A friend of mine, crazy about Tauer’s perfumes, cool guy called Domagoj who goes deep into perfume analytics sent me a text message, “you will overshadow the groom on his own wedding with that perfume“. And that was the case. Everyone was wondering what perfume do I wear!?

Andy Tauer Au Cœur du Désert by BL’eauOG

This morning (27th of October), I was texting with Sylvaine Delacourte talking about differences between amber and ambergris. It’s a golden, shiny amber inside of this perfume surrounded with sage. There is a beautiful, soft vanilla trace that makes it cozy with opoponax. One of my favorite ingredients, bensoin lingers somewhere inside and makes it resinous. To understand it better, amber is oriental accord made by Coty and Guerlain and to have the amber effect, you must combine vanilla, bensoin, incense, opoponax, patchouli. Additionally, perfumer can play with patchouli and tonka bean or simply use chemicals like ambramax, cypriol, karanal, etc. That is something I learned today from Sylvaine, the best perfumery professor I know.

Au Cœur has something divine in itself. It goes beyond a regular perfume. It’s like a divine message sent to us in perf-fvmvm forma. A gorgeous, holy incense is in the core. So subtle and elegant, almost invisible. I enjoy every second of its role in this composition because it lifts up the perfume toward the sky.

Beautiful dry spices are dominant and give the shell to the full-bodied perfume. Patchouli is also gently announced as a key player.

At the moment, this is my coup de foudre. The perfume I enjoy so much that I am even afraid to use. This theme with Tauer’s signature becomes emblematic and I don’t know any perfume lover disliking them. It’s my signature now because the perfume gives me peace and self-confidence. Feeling divine and strong. That’s why I am going to use it during the event of olfactory dinner that will take place in a restaurant competing for Michelin stars. This perfume will be turned into food while L’Air will be a cocktail and I can’t wait to see that miracle happens.

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Juraj, BL’eauOG


Written by juraj
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