Noble fragrance.

This is just a quick review that wants to highlight this beautiful capture actually. L’Art et la Matière is the most exquisite fragrance line by Guerlain that offers unique and extraordinary olfactive experience for every nose.

Creator of this line and me, are friends. Sylvaine Delacourte invited me to Guerlain 4 years ago when I created an article about Guerlain’s history and since then, we became friends and I started to discover all her works. I also organized a perfume conference in Croatia with her and from that moment, I wear Cuir Beluga and Bois d’Arménie.

Bois d’Arménie is noble perfume, warm, woody and resinous a bit. It is enchanting because it offers heavenly elegance and sophistication. When Sylvaine was growing up, her family often burned “Papier d’Arménie”, scented papyrus with added bensoin. Bois d’Arménie makes your soul rise with the clouds of “Papier d’Arménie” paper incense. This olfactory connection is partly explained by the presence of benzoin, commonly used in the 19th century in Armenia and featured at the heart of the new creation.

Perfume pyramid is as follows:

Top notes: frankincense, iris, pink pepper.
Heart notes: gaiac wood, benzoin, coriander.
Base notes: copahu balm, patchouli, white musks

To make it short. I have smelled thousands of niche perfumes, but you won’t find something so elegant and sophisticated as this one. This is noble, elegant and captivating scent based on blond woods worth the life in Versailles.

Juraj, BL’eauOG