New chapter for Laurent Mazzone’s perfumes

At the beginning of my perfume adventures, I was searching for opulent perfumes. I went to a perfumery that I was usually visiting and there was something new, completely black, dominating the space. Perfumes were still unpacking. Black bottles, black candles, it was appealing. It was instant love with Patchouli Bohème, a perfume that I wear 24/7 in every occasion. Those were the first niche perfumes reviewed on this BL’eauOG and I become intrigued – who is Laurent Mazzone?

Laurent Mazzone Parfums have some of the most appreciated perfumes on the market – Black Oud, Patchouli Bohème, Sensual Orchid, Sensual & Décadent are some of the bestsellers worldwide. When it was released, Black Oud was one of the first in the ‘oud’ aesthetics. It was the dawn of ouds in niche perfumery. Sensual Orchid is very creamy, floral scent with powdery-sweet sillage and is selling good in every market. Candles are also of the highest quality, with large percentage of essential oils in wax that enables huge projection of scent. Now, he is changing his identity with a new signature.

Laurent was born underneath the Alps, in Italian family that always liked fine things. He was growing up around his parents scents; perfumes and scented soaps he was playing with in the bathroom. He changed day for night for a large part of his life because he was a DJ and that’s why his perfumes have dedications to music world (Army of Lovers). This is something that influences him a lot because music defines who he is. I would dare to say that music is the strongest influencer on his creativity. He is a lot into disco-pop music from the golden era of clubbing. His appearance, his attitude is deriving from that culture.

We met for the first time in August 2013. It was the first time for me to travel to Paris and he was curious to know who is the person that prizes his perfumes on BL’eauOG, he invited me to a dinner at Hôtel Costes in Paris. I was very excited to meet him, to get to know him. I can say that from this moment, we became true friends. On the one hand, because I am the first blogger to support him along with Nona and on the other hand, because we appreciate each other because of honesty.

By character, he is very generous person. He likes to give very much and when you are with Laurent, you feel very spoiled, nicely treated and ‘galant’ (galantuomo). It is rare to see such generosity, especially in the world of perfumes, that is superficial sometimes. I keep Laurent as a friend because he doesn’t pretend that he is someone else, he stays himself. Laurent is also very emotional and sensitive. Although his appearance on the outside is cold and he always appears in black, he is very emotional. You need to know him to understand his emotional state of mind that is also the source of inspiration for his perfumes. His sensitiveness and gentleness is connected with this world. He is very touched with what happens in this world – terrorism, world’s events, global economics. Human and animal suffering touches him deeply and that’s what I like about him because I am similar.

Laurent Mazzone Arsenic Osman in new visual identity 

    This year represents a turning point for Laurent Mazzone. His brand is representing a new identity and signature. I appreciate him because he was very brave when he needed to be. In 2010 he took bank loan to start his own brand and perfume story. With passion and hard work, he succeeded in his mission and justified the risk he took. This is the emanation for LM Parfums because this is going to turn his brand to a new direction. Every perfume is transmitting a special message and now, even bottle tell a story. New bottles for LM Parfums are made-to-measure. If you can notice, new bottles have very strict lines and cutting edges. Reason is simple – because Laurent loves architecture very much. New bottle design is largely influenced by his voyage to NYC and the architecture of the city. He was impressed with Manhattan and skyscrapers which are now translated into new bottles.

To make your own bottle costs a lot. Standard bottles are easy to get and you have a minimum buying quantity for a good price. Made-to-measure bottles are very expensive because the factory needs to construct special shapes in which new bottles are going to be produced and that’s a long, expensive process.

All of LM Parfums have been made by two perfumers that are very well-known. One is Jérome Epinette and the other is Richard Ibanez. Laurent developed a collaboration with them from the beginning and they have found their common language. I particularly like Jérome Epinette’s latest creation Arsenic Osman, which is a beautiful plum, honey and vanilla scent. Very seductive, sweet and opulent perfume that ligners in the air with beautiful sillage.

Laurent is interesting person. In order to understand his perfumes, you need to know him because perfumes are his reflection. I hope you will get to know him through this text because he is a person that deserves to be known. His sincerity, emotionalism and honesty are making him distinguished from the others. He created a beautiful perfume world and I strongly suggest you to discover it.

Juraj, BL’eauOG