Heavenly freshness that makes you feel purification!

One thing is certain – with time, Aqua Universalis scent line became a benchmark in industry and synonym for purity, cleanliness, and relaxation. Many people search for soothing, comforting scents, where they can feel peace and tranquility. So do I. When getting older, I learned how to search internal peace, and what makes me feel peaceful. Definitively, Aqua Universalis is a scent that smells on purity, whiteness and fresh cotton. A perfume that makes me feel peaceful.  Extrait de Parfum takes it to the whole new level. It’s an endless field of white flowers and refreshing air.

Extrait de Parfum line belongs to a special editions made by Maison Francis Kurkdjian called The VIPs which actually means ‘Very Intense Perfumes’. Similar to the outstanding pieces of a skillfully composed wardrobe, some creations have been interpreted in a specially crafted extract version. You can find Aqua Universalis, APOM Femme, Amyis Femme and A la Rose in Extrait version.

Aqua Universalis Eau de Toilette

Aqua Universalis, such a gorgeous line. Eternal beauty and perfect raw materials balance. It’s like a white shirt; unisex, can be worn in every occasion, subtle yet elegant. It is a bond that unites women and men and it gives a luminous and aerial sillage, for an extreme refinement. Extrait de Parfum is concentrated at 30% with essential oils. Pyramid is composed of bergamot from Calabria, essence of mandarin from Sicily, essence of cardamom, white flowers bouquet with lily of the valley, mock orange, absolute of jasmine and rose essence. While base is made of clear and musky cedar wood, essence of sandalwood and essence of vetiver.

When do you feel clean? Aqua Universalis Extrait de Parfum makes me feel heavenly fresh, clean and purified. This is a gem in my collection which puts ‘clean’ effect to a whole new level. I think that even Aristotle would mention it in his On The Soul if he only knew this would have existed. Extrait is slightly different than Eau de Toillette and very similar to Eau de Parfum concentration. Longevity is improved and you can constantly feel how it projects from the skin. It is easily recognizable and has Universalis signature. I have it because I am a collector, but if you can’t go with this one, Eau de Parfum is very good solution.

Because of strong projection, Extrait makes me feel pruficiation catharsis. It is the endless feel of purity and cleanliness. This perfume makes you feel like a saint. I am sure that even Saint Peter would open heavenly doors for the wearer of this perfume. It is so good and clean enough to cover every vice.


Juraj, BL’eauOG