Latest creation by Pierre Guillaume’s Parfumerie Générale

Nine years after creation of Louanges Profanes 19, Pierre Guillaume re-works again the theme of orange flower in refreshing musk composition called Neroli ad Astra.

It is a Latin theme meaning to the stars and the name is actually revealing what it is about. Neroli ad Astra is a white flower bouquet, with transparent and airy structure using neroli from Morocco, agave flower from Mexico and aromatic herbals.

Pierre Guillaume wanted to create a composition that shows the new facets of neroli – floriental character of neroli which is quite unusual because it is often used in colognes, which are refreshing, aromatic and clean compositions. In Louanges Profanes, you can find Tunisian neroli which is spicy, layered on incense and bensoin. Main difference is Moroccan neroli, which has floral nuances.

Louanges Profanes and Neroli ad Astra comparison

Neroli ad Astra is composed of mandarine, rose, peach, Moroccan neroli, agave flower, Egyptian geranium, Haiti vetiver, Egyptian jasmine and of musk. Opening is fresh and fruity with slight floral tones of gentle rose which later transforms into green, easy and fresh heart composed of neroli. In the dry-down, perfume becomes very floral with jasmine that enables longer sillage of a perfume. Musk is a final touch that gives softness and creaminess to the composition.

Neroli ad Astra is a fresh, clean and crisp composition. For those who search gentle perfumes, invisible in the air, but present close to skin. It is a skin scent that gives purity and can be a good base for later application of some perfume. It’s a reminiscent of cotton, linen, white clothes, purity. Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis is probably the benchmark of this genre of perfumes. This one gives more character and Pierre’s signature gives special charm to this gentle, powdery composition.

Juraj, BL’eauOG