Beautiful Pinot Noir made in Hopovo (Irig)

An artist, academic painter by education, scenic artist by profession, Dragan Zaric is my favorite winemaker. Throughout the year, he lives in Canada, but when it comes to harvest, he is in Irig, the most famous Serbian winemaking place.

Like I wrote in previous posts, Dragan Zaric produces high-quality wines, without compromise and what I like, with a character. He found his inspirations in big French wines, especially in Burgundy, where are grown the most famous wines. 

Meet me at noon at Hopovo Monastery. Podne is 100% Pinot Noir coming from hilly terroir of Fruška Gora. Inspired by Burgundy, Zarić successfully produces his autochtone Pinot Noir which is full bodied, opulent, deep and extremely fruity. Secret lies in combination of saccharomyces and non-saccharomyces enzymes which release fruity flavors under specific conditions. Well done by Zarić, who makes extremely high quality wine. Cake is stored in glass bell in order not to dry so it could properly release its scent. Perfume releases its scent once it is sprayed. His wines need to be poured well before drinking in order to experience gorgeous bouquet of flowers and spices.

Dragan Zaric Podne

Podne is translated as “noon” or “mid-day“, when sun is at zenith. Vinery Hopovo makes wines for every occasion and each one tells different story. Podne is the story of beautiful Pinot Noir that you can’t experience elsewhere. I am enchanted by its fruitiness and different approach. It’s not an ordinary Pinot Noir the one would expect. Believe me, it’s worth discovering.

I don’t know if there is only one secret or several secrets about this wine. The fermentation is being done by using Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces combined. The terroir is like in a fairy-tale, a God-given land for beautiful vineyard and wine-making. They are layered on a very special altitude with specific atmosphere that only Fruska Gora has. Maturation of this Pinot Noir is in medium burned oak casks composed from Serbian oak only.

Juraj, BL’eauOG