My new passion with perfumes
My new passion within the world of perfumes and fragrances is the perfume and wine pairing. I think both worlds have much in common. When you pour wine into wide glass, it offers generous bouquet that smells like perfume texture. It’s possible to identify similar notes like those in perfumes. Wien bouquet gives very similar sensation like a perfume on the skin, plus, it makes your tongue palette fulfilled and happy.

For example, the bottle above is Dragan T. Zaric Hopovo Vineyards – Nights of Saint Tryphon. It’s outrageously good pairing because the products are of the top quality. Definitively, my favorite winemaker is D.T. Zaric, an artist from Canada that makes his wines at Hopovo Monastery from 16th century. His knowledge goes beyond common winemakers. Zaric mastered the extraction of fruity notes from grape skin by using combination of saccharomyces and non-saccharomyces yeasts. Nights of Saint Tryphon is Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Cabernet Franc mix with robust and full body bursting with paprika freshness. Strong aftertaste with moderate tanins. Goes perfectly with MDCI Invasion Barbare, fresh-pepper-herbal-woody scent that turns to be beautiful fougère. Two robust companions are Francis Kurkdjian Cashmere Mood & Velvet Mood because they give dark, animal and warm elegance, just as this wine.
Sunday evening pairing wine with perfumes – on the table is served Salicaria by Grignano Winery! Silky, beautiful red Merlot with red berries and blackberry bouquet aged for 18/24 months in French oak barrels. With this one goes perfectly Guerlain Santal Royal that reminds me of deep, noble wood in which the wine aged. Santal Royal is nobility. The Different Company Le 15 is a limited edition perfume that celebrates 15 years of this magnificent perfume house. Aromatic cedarwood and palo santo pronounce the character of the wine. It’s the best palo santo perfume you can find. Finally, there is Histoires de Parfums Veni. Beautiful perfume with sweet spices. Appealing, seductive and rich. Great composition!
Wine & Perfume pairing. This is a beautiful, beautiful wine by one of my favorite French winemakers – Chateau du Moulin Rouge. It’s located in Haut-Médoc region. Vineyard is 40 years old and gives exquisite grapes. Laurent Mazzone Sensual Orchid goes smoothly with this Bordelaise, because of creamy, rich, but gentle texture. Histoires de Parfums Fidelis aligns with floral sweetness inside. Finally, there is noble wood bouquet in a glass that Evody Parfums interprets very good.
Juraj, BL’eauOG