New generation of Not A Blue Bottle is coming 
In Paris, except that I discovered the world of Histoires de Parfums, I had the opportunity to understand it with the help of Mr. Eric, who is their manager. He gave me a lot of helpful insight which is valuable to me. But also, he showed me something unexpected and that is the new Not A Blue Bottle perfume which comes in two version 1.2 and 1.3!

I really didn’t see that coming because I still remember the joy and excitement original Not A Blue Bottle produced, but it was a pleasant surprise. Those are modifications of the original formula or better to say, a fine tuning. It’s like when you want to take part in “Pimp My Ride”, popular MTV show. The mechanics tuned your car where you can see it’s your car, but with another vibe.

1.2 is different than the previous one. Only the core rests the same and everything else is new. It’s a beautiful floriental twist with soft touch of aldehydes that are gnetle and creamy. It reminds me a lot of beige color  and powdery tones. You know what, it reminds me a lot of beige-creamy macaron chez Poushikine at Place des Vosges, but has nothing gourmandish nor similar inside. It’s a beautiful, oriental, floral scent with soft aldehydes and powdery scent trail. Very pleasant and more on a feminine side of elegance and chich presence.
1.3 is an evident brother of original Not A Blue Bottle. It’s pretty much the same structure, with the same themes. It has sharp patchouly, pepper, aromatic woods and strong, present aldehydes inside! The real difference between the two is a floral twist that exists in 1.3! They added strong floral note in existing composition. In the drydown, it becomes darker and more profound than the original. I like the base a lot because it becomes more soft and woody with a nice patchouly vibe. I am quite a fan of such compositions.
New perfumes will be launched soon and I recommend you to sample them if you are a fan of Histoires de Parfums. It’s a nice add-on to their smelly collection of perfumes.
Juraj, BL’eauOG