Highlights of the year!
It’s that time of the year – to make the highlights of what we have been smelling. I think I am the last one to post this type of post. My colleagues, other bloggers made their selections and the lists are quite interesting, diverse and individual. Seems that Mugler won the crowd with the new releases, like Tom Ford and Amouage. However, I will stay in the domain where I am good at – niche perfumes.
I don’t know how many perfumes I smelled, but hundreds of them. This list is highlighting what you shouldn’t miss from the previous year. I usually rank the perfumes, but I couldn’t really make up my mind. Enjoy this list as the list of best creations in 2016 for me. I strongly believe those are among the interesting ones, individual, new in the genre. 
This is my silent favorite to be the N° 1. Le Barbier de Tanger by MDCI is remarkable fougère perfumes. Inspired by a true story when Claude Marchal was living in Morocco as sailing instructor. He used to visit his barber in old-school, old-fashioned barber shop where was leather chair, herbal potions and old style service.
It seems to me that everyone felt for Bracken by Amouage. I tried it and I choose this one over it because it is pure fougère style, pronounced basil, herbs, sandalwood and after shave effect. Finally, it goes into beautiful vetiver. Fougère pyramid returned on a big door and MDCI, in my opinion holds the throne.
Brave, bold house with fierce creations. They became famous on a world scale thanks to their boldness. It was difficult to make up my mind between Fathom V and this one. Finally, I chose Lingum Vitae because it shows how gourmand perfumes do not need to be boring by default!
This is salt, biscuit, metal, wood, sandalwood. The most unique gourmand perfume you will find currently.
MFK Petit Matin
I had hard times deciding whether to put MFK Petit Matin or not. Finally, as you can see, I did. I think that it’s difficult to make interesting, non-boring, refreshing scent. That is the reason why you should check it out. Crisp, clean, luminous creation that I like very much although I am the type for dark, sensual, spicy-woody perfumes. This is good counterpart.
Ramon Monegal Fiesta
The perfume I don’t know how to describe. With Fiesta, Ramon Monegal celebrates 100 year of Monegal heritage. He wanted to make it special and trust me, he surely did it. Unfortunately, I really don’t know how to describe. It is an overdose of olive oil mixed with raw leather, tons of white musk and sweet vanilla. Because of its uniqueness & luxuriousness it is one of the best of 2016. You need to love this type of creation because it is love it / hate it composition. Definitively something you didn’t try before.
Molecular composition by LM Parfums. Completely different than the rest of the line. Light, warm, cozy, green. It acts like a second skin and it holds good. Ozonic deepness and purity is what you can find inside. When I was “reviewing” or draftin a skeleton of this list, I had in mind comparison of this one with Escentric Molecules. I wrote “Definitively better investment than Escentric Molecules“. A friend called and I realized that was reckless statement that has nothing to do with anything. First of all, maybe Escentric Molecules are uncomparable. Second, of all, I wanted to point out the longevity, projection and all the stuff that interests some buyer when cashing out some money. My conclusion is – it depends on your taste which molecules you like more. That’s it.
In my opinion, Aedes de Venustas is one of the most creative perfume houses. There are many vanilla scents and 95% of them I dislike. I adore Givenchy Pi, LM Parfums Sensual & Decadent and this one. It is completely animal, seductive, dark vanilla scent. Beautiful and captivating. Bewitching vanilla.
Just like vanilla, I dislike tuberose too. I can’t live with it. There are only three perfumes that are amazing tuberose scents to me; Fracas, Monegal Monbloom and TDC Adjatay. Adjatay is completely new in the genre and it also brought something new to the genre. Absolutely amazing scent with sensual, captivating leather and spices. Erotic and narcotic version of tuberose. Please try it out, you will stay amazed!
Masque Fragranze, two Italian gentlemen who know style. Each creation is beautiful and elegant. Rhapsody of Italian style and a lesson of elegance. L’Attesa is like that. Although there are enough of iris based scents, this one is utterly elegant with eternal beauty.
Oliver Valverde, the perfumer behind Oliver&Co is exploring his new limits. I was amazed with Vaninger from the first scent and I can say that it instantly became my N°1. He is beyond artisan perfumer because he turned into real pros. Vaninger is seriously good creation with some moss, earth, vanilla and warm tones. Refreshing, herbal and warm. Very good stuff.
Definitively one of my favorites in 2016. Pierre Guillaume is also one of my favorite perfumers of all time. This is extraordinary light musk that acts like second skin. Light, intimate, sensual, attractive, captivating, present, beautiful. It can be a good base for layering!

 This is a nice cologne with beautiful twist. Decent, proper, beautiful, pleasant. This is how modern men should smell like, just like Mark Benhke from Colognoissuer said!

This extraordinary perfume house is producing masterpieces. It was hard to make up my mind. Finally, I chose Fan Your Flames. It comes in 50ml Extract version and it’s like a potion. Fan Your Flames is sweet, woody, intoxicating scent with tobacco-marijuana vibe. Excellent, opulent juice for hot atmosphere!

Powdery iris effect. Beautiful composition of contemporary molecules that give soft perfume trail and powdery sillage. Aesthetics of this one is so 2016 because it uses newly synthesized molecules. Very elegant, earthy and raw.
Evody show how honey can be different. That’s why it’s on the list. Deep, balsamic, warm, opulent. It is outside usual Parisian guidelines for honey-based perfumes. Very big like!
Definitively the candle of the year. I don’t know anyone who didn’t have positive feedback on this one. This is special Christmas edition by Quintessence. Each year Quintessence produces Xmas candles in limited stock, but I think this year they have outran themselves. More than 10% of essential oil enables huge diffusion. This candles smells of hot wine, nutmeg, cinnamon, pine, amber and everything that makes Christmas!
This is not a perfume nor product released in 2016, but it is my sweetest discovery! These sopas have great tradition from 1887 and they are still manually made in Porto, hand packed in Art Deco design. Each one has its own beautiful smell while my favorite is Elite, soap based on tonka bean!
I hope you enjoyed this list!
Juraj, BL’eauOG