Who knows what is down there, underneath the surface
BeauFort surprises again, not only because it takes perfumery to the limits, but also with the choice of raw materials used to compose Fathom V. Come Hell or High Water offers absolutely strange, unique and gorgeous creations. First tryptich is outstanding, followed by equally beautiful Lignum Vitae. The latest, Fathom V is complete surprise because it is so different than its predecessors.

How to make a unique fougère perfume? Well, you should search in the deep, where the unknown flowers and green herbs are growing. It’s inspired by the Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and Ariel’s song:
  Full fathom five thy father lies;

Of his bones are coral made;

Those are pearls that were his eyes;

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change.
Into something rich and strange.
The scent is exactly what Ariel described – never-ending sea change, the difference between the surface and the depth. You can’t really fully discover it because it leaves the trace of mystery. The associations I get when smelling this stuff are ambiguous. Sometimes I feel like I know it perfectly with the mimosa, lilac and water lily, but then, when I scratch under the surface with my nose, I know nothing.
Restless sea by BeauFort London
Fathom is about salt and earth, green, aromatic herbs with tones of mosses mixed with watery and bright flowers. A perfume made-to-measure for Englishmen, fierce sailors and adventurists. It is completely cool, modern, unusual aquatic. Nobody would guess what you’re wearing. Still water effect is mesmerizing because it literally translates the scent of it.
Fahtom V is the perfume that shows to every other house how aquatic can look like if you have the necessary balls to produce this type of perfume. Bold and courageous English perfumery, that is for what BeauFort stands for and confirms it every single time!
Juraj, BL’eauOG