Madame Guerlain has founded her own perfume brand

She doesn’t need any special introduction. She is someone who marked an era in Guerlain world and became an icon. Sylvaine Delacourte, very dear friend of mine and kind person started her own perfume story. After so many years in Guerlain, she decided to be completely independent in creation, but also, she keeps her position in Guerlain as the consultant. I am bringing you a set of several quick questions with her, just before she went on a flight to Sydney to present some Guerlain exclusives.  

1. What is your relationship with Guerlain today? 
I have kept very good relation with Guerlain and I will be a consultant for them, but I will not develop fragrances for Guerlain anymore! I will be a consultant for bespoke perfumes, I will do some travels and the education about Guerlain fragrances. Guerlain was very generous and good willing about this project of mine. 
2. Why did you choose to go independent?

Why!? Because I am coming from the entrepreneurial family and I wanted to give myself a new challenge in my life! I also met a young entrepreneur who persuaded me to make this decision. That was my dream from long before.

3. Why did you choose to start with “Musk” collection?

Because that raw material is very hard to work with and that is a challenge in itself, so I accepted that challenge. Musk holds/sticks very good, but the diffusion is very difficult. It has been rarely used in a radically different way.
4. What can we expect in future? Some other theme?

I am thinking about vanilla. But maybe citruses (agrumes)? Woods? Who knows, I need to see…
5. Will you be inspired by Guerlain creations? 

I don’t want to copy Guerlain!! They are inimitable. Guerlain gave me the “cult of beauty”, I know what beauty is because of them and what is the true meaning of quality. Of creativity too. We are very young start-up, so we have nothing to do with Guerlain and I will prove myself.
6. Will you creat what you want or follow trends?
I will create what I like having a business with different approach, that is very familiar and close to the clients because I want them to interact and tell their own opinions on the creations!
Juraj, BL’eauOG