Little mornings are made for great evenings

Petit Matin & Grand Soir – Maison Francis Kurkdjian

If you wake up during the little morning, you might end up with a great evening. All of that can happen with a spectacular perfumes, strong and beautiful enough to create new memories. Maison Francis Kurkdjian is releasing two new perfumes – Petit Matin and Grand Soir that will substitute Cologne Pour le Matin / Soir. Don’t be sorry, Petit Matin and Grand Soir are rocking all the way and are even better to me than the previous colognes. 

It’s an unmistakable perfume duo. Although my experiences with Parisian mornings were different,
 I can perfectly imagine Petit Matin as the scent that lingers in the air somewhere in the busy crowd that tries to get to work. In the morning, metro has a specific scent, promenade by the Seine smells different, the air is also of different composure. Among all those things, Petit Matin can be a shining star. It smells of cleanliness, neat and clean clothes and on the clean skin. This perfume is the smell of ironed, white Charvet shirt with firm collar and neatly tied cravat. It reminds me a lot of cotton, especially white cotton, the one used for the shirts. It’s a bright scent that boosts your mood like energy drink and makes you feel clean, tidy and neat. 
The magic happens when the mixture of iris and lemon produce amazing fresh scent, easy and comfortable on the skin. I can’t imagine that somebody doesn’t like this type of smell because it is a pure reminiscent of cleanliness. Adriatic coast is famous for old, authentic villages, where the you can still find forgotten ways of doing a laundry. They are washing their laundry with a fresh water, rubbing a soap, leaving it to dry under the Mediterranean sun. That is Petit Matin to me, white, fresh, clean cotton and linen. A scent that can announce extraordinary evening.

Grand Soir by Francis Kurkdjian

Those two new perfumes will substitute Cologne pour le Soir and Matin that are from now o
n available only in Parisian boutique MFK. Both are coming in 70ml bottles in the Eau de Parfum concentration. 
Juraj, BL’eauOG