Perfume events by BL’eauOG

After the success of BL’eauOG and acclamation by the media, after lots of articles and interviews with perfumers, creative directors and professionals within the industry, I started to organize perfume events by myself. They happened because I think that something that can be described as “the perfume culture” is a missing link in society.

Today, due to globalisation, internet and easy access, perfume is a good that is available worldwide. My idea is to communicate and create “the perfume culture”, the conscience about a perfume as something moe than a beauty product. Olfactive system is human body is by large majority unexplored. We know so far that the olfactive spot in our brain is located in hypocampus, where we storage our memory and that is why the scent affects us so much. I consider a perfume as something much more than a scented liquid, I regard it as art and as emotional piece of our personality on the skin. Therefore, I organized perfume conferences in order to bring closer “the perfume culture” to the public.

Ist conference:

First conference was in June 2012 in an art gallery in Zagreb. That was more of a social event, like a soirée dedicated to perfumes. The theme was “Perfume as an art” and that was the first time in history that the city of Zagreb had a perfume event dedicated to culture of perfumes, its history and rare scents.

First public appearance of me and my blog in an art gallery

IInd Conference:

In June 2013, I was invited to participate as the TED talker where I tried to give the answer what art might be and how could we consider perfumes. You can watch the TED talk here: the succes of the first public event and the TED talk, in the summer of 2014, I organized two major perfume conferences. First, in June gathered Madame Sylvaine Delacourte, the director fo development of Guerlain Paris, Mister Jan Ewoud Vos, the founder of Puredistance and Zoran Kurelic, the professor at the University of Zagreb where each one gave different opinion on the world of perfumes – professional, creative and scientific point of view.

Mister J.E. Vos (Puredistance founder), Madame Sylvaine Delacourte (director at Guerlain) and Zoran Kurelic

IIIrd Conference:

Third, and the last conference was in September 2014 where I wanted to invite passionate perfumer. I wanted to have emotional perfumer who can explain why the perfume is so important, how dfficult is to make one and how emotions are connected with scent. For that conference, I invited Mister Ramon Monegal who came directly from Barcelona to Zagreb. He was receieved as the most amusing and professional guest in Zagreb of all the guests so far.

Mister Ramon Monegal and me