Good wines with good perfumes.

I am assured, more and more, that the connection between wines and perfumes exists and it’s not banal. I think it could be lethal if it’s made good and I plan to do it. My next step will be to show the deep connection between wines and perfumes. In the meantime, I play with some of the wines I like and corresponding perfumes. In order to connect some wine with specific perfume, I believe that the one needs to understand the atmosphere, the emotion and passion behind the product. Of course, it’s subjective, but there are many ways to transmit the message the artisan wanted to communicate. Most pleasurable part is the tasting. It tells a lot about the wine and the effect it gives and the emotion it produces, makes me think of a perfume with similar effects, nuances.

First one, on the picture above is from Matalj Winery. I wrote many times about Nikola Mladenovic Matalj from Negotin, young entrepreneurial Serbian winemaker who is consecutively considered to be the most prominent Serbian winemaker. This wine is called Kremen Kamen and it’s his flagship wine, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon growing on terraces in Negotin region, upon the river Timok, on the border with Romania. The soil is very specific which makes his wines different, with strong character. That’s why, I can imagine very dominant, statement perfumes linked to this Cabernet. Histoires de Parfums 1740 gives a reflection of heavy burned oak barrel which results in leather, dark tones which are the core of 1740. There is also By Kilian Back to Black, the reminiscence of raspberries, dark fruits and woody nuances of oak. I can imagine one more perfumes that goes with this wine, and that is Andy Tauer L’Air du Désert Marocain. Definitely one of my favorite perfumes in this moment, full of dry spices, just like in the wine.

Madirazza Dingac & Atelier des Ors & Naomi Goodsir

The first winery I started to work with was Madirazza from Peljesac peninsula. Prominent winery that is among the pioneers of Dalmatian wine, famous for opulent, rich, red wines. Dingac is the most famous position in Croatia to have vineyard because it is seen as something very Croatian, specific. It’s Plavac Mali grape variety that gives thick, opulent red wine with a lot of sun inside. It reminds me of Atelier des Ors Musc Immortelle. Immortelle is the summer for me, smells of aromatic herbs, hot stones, beach, salt in the air and all of that I can find in Madirazza’s Dingac. Second one is Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir. This unique, artisan French house produces honest products in small quantities and that’s something I admire. I paired the wine with Cuir Velours, subtle leather perfume that has dark aromatic tones, slightly animal, very mysterious. It has the dark, deep touch with dry spices, the same as in the wine.

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Juraj, BL’eauOG

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