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Men’s grooming became a hot topic. GQ, Men’s Health and other popular magazines are writing about men’s grooming for years already. Being inside of beauty world, I would say that products for women are suitable for men too and everything depends of the skin type you have and what suits you the most. This is a list of essential products that every modern man should have. 

The basics of everything is a good bath. Skin gets smoother because you pill of dead cells and can better absorb your perfume or cream. Someone loves shower gels and someone good soaps. I am the fan of both, but I would recommend Claus Porto soaps which are handmade in Portugal since 19th century. They are without strong chemicals or parabens. Also, they are soft for the skin and can serve as a cleaning soap for you face. Above everything, they are slightly scented.

After the bath is done, good shave is necessary if you want to look sharp and neat. A breath of luxury in my bathroom is Zebrano Wood shaving set by Czech & Speake. This is British house producing luxurious bathrooms, but has beautiful beauty and shaving line.

The statement comes with your cologne or perfume. I chose Etat Libre d’Orange Cologne to be the signature of this beauty process because it is a play between refreshing and dominant tones. Exquisite perfume to make an impression.

Face cleaning is done by Shiseido Men line. I use cleaning foam which is very gentle, neutral, light and transparent. It’s not too heavy and soothes the skin.

Final touch is made by Guerlain Super Aqua Gel. I don’t use the Aqua Cream because it is too heavy and greasy for me. Gel is very light and gentle and it provides me the necessary hydration.

What are the goodies you can’t live without or make your beauty routine?

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Juraj, BL’eauOG

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