It’s that time of the year.

Year after year, the perfume industry keeps us excited with new releases. Even niche industry becomes massive and sometimes boring. There is simply too much of everything, too much of new brands and new perfumes. However, some new releases were exciting.

In the past year, I mostly enjoyed creations that I discovered, but have been made earlier. It was like my catharsis year and I started to look around for vintages. I am very happy that I discovered some perfumers and perfumes because I will be following them closely in near future and expecting some fantastic scents from them. There is no need to prolong the list anymore. I would like to see your opinion about the choices! 

Best of 2017

Ramon Monegal Flamenco & Soul of Oud

2017 was a turning point for this Spanish perfumer. Ramon Monegal is independent perfumer who creates what he likes without any compromise. He did one step away from his classic Memory Collection by releasing Flamenco. That’s the perfume with captured Spanish energy, strong citrus notes tamed by the red rose and green apple. Flamenco is like Baccarat Rouge 540 in purest form. Great perfume.

Soul of Oud is something unique, different and expensive. The perfume combines Oud from Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and this is taking you to another level offering new experience. Moldy, tempestuous, natural Oud that can blow you away with purity. Forget about any other Oud perfume because this one shows what is the real stuff.

Laurent Mazzone Veleno Doré

Veleno Doré stands out with the beauty of tobacco and amber. Tobacco-vanilla-honey theme is very popular and it becomes to have “already seen” effect. I like this perfume a lot because sweet tobacco is announced so bright and appealing, that makes you want to have cigar instantly. This is my “gentleman’s club” perfume.

Aedes de Venustas Pélargonium

One of my favorite brands is Aedes de Venustas, definitiely goes into top 10 on my evergreen list. The line offers interesting perfumes. So is the case with Pélargonium created by Nathalie Feisthauer. Before two, three years, I used to like deep spicy perfumes and my taste changed. This creation blown me away with freshness, energy and purity. It’s another easy, simple green-refreshing perfume, but rather complex freshness.

BeauFort Iron Duke

This one is a blast! If you are a fan of great classics, then this will make you think how perfumery can be great again! This tempestuous British house is producing only statement perfumes. Iron Duke is definitely a statement perfume. Strong and dominant, dark leather with saddle soap effect. Dry down is deep intriguing and dark. This one could be the top of the tops for 2017. Truly great perfume.

Escentric Molecules 04

When I need to write about Geza Schöen, I get very inspired. This charismatic and ultra-modern perfumer from Berlin simply knows what and how to do. So far, I dare to say that this is the most beautiful Escentric perfume. I was waging between 01 and 04, but interpretation of Javanol is stunning. I could say that Molecule 04, pure Javanol smells extraordinary too, but Escentric 04 is like Eden’s garden. It’s bright, luminous, vibrant, attractive perfume you would want to wear every day in every occasion.

Etat Libre d’Orange Roland Mouret Une Amourette

In my opinion, the best collaboration of Etat Libre d’Orange. This one is sexy, appealing, spicy, soft, sensual and sweet. Everything that modern perfume needs to have. It’s not necessary to spend additional words, try it on!

Giovanna Antonelli Parfums

This is the mention of honor. Giovanna Antonelli is a new brand that could outbreak and that’s the reason I am enlisting it. This is something that could be very interesting. So far, they have 3 perfumes and they are ok, but I think they will do a lot of good stuff in the future.

Olfactive Studio Woody Mood

Beautiful house releasing beautiful perfumes. Olfactive Studio, created by Céline Varleure set up the working frequency and standards and that’s what I like about them. There is no Olfactive Studio that is unbearable. They are all nicely done and well balanced, but I especially liked Woody Mood. Ohhh, this is the high-end for those who are lovers of dry woody and spicy perfumes. This is simply great stuff! There are vibrant and modern woody notes that are making this perfume bright, cozy and remarkable. Very nice!

La Parfumerie Moderne Belles Rives

What I like the most about this house is their independence. Philippe Neirinck is the creative force behind this brand, and his perfumer is Marc Antoine Corthicchiato. Like Philippe would say: ohh, this is like a Porsche among perfumes. La Parfumerie Moderne is all about pure and expensive materials used inside. Belles Rives makes me think how eternal elegance would smell like! It has gentle and pale rose, with soft, powdery iris. Elegant, sophisticated and rich perfume.

Nishane Zenne

Nishane is the most potent house I saw recently. Their line has very much to offer and season after season, they are releasing truly beautiful perfumes. My favorite from them is Hacivat, and although I don’t wear it, Zenne deserves to be on this list. Zenne shows the feminine elegance at its best. It’s well rounded, like a good wine, but also opulent, like a wine you could store for years. It’s sweet, modern, with jasmin sambac and amber. Very sensual and appealing.

Naomi Goodsir Nuit de Bakélite

There is no blog, so far, that didn’t enlist this perfume. Completely deserved. Naomi Goodsir is independent house, and like I mentioned earlier, this is something I appreciate. I love when behind the brand stands beautiful story and even more beautiful people believing in what they do. This is different take on famous tuberose. This perfume stands out with uniqueness and originality. If you are a perfume fan, this is definitely something you should try.

Discoveries in 2017: Memo Irish Leather, Andy Tauer Lonesome Rider, Shay & Blue Blood Oranges, Naomi Goodsir Or du Sérail, Eight & Bob Egypt, Histoires de Parfums 1969, The Different Company Sublime Balkiss and Jul et Mad Sécrets du Paradis Rouge

These perfumes are not made in 2017, but in earlier years, while I discovered them recently. Those are my favorite discoveries of the year. Although I am deeply in perfume world, they made me think how wide that industry is. The more I discover, the more I see how much I need to learn. These are all beautiful perfumes and I am sorry that I didn’t discover them earlier just because of one reason; I would enjoy them more, but hey, life is long 🙂

Histoires de Parfums

This is the house I enjoyed the most in 2017. I was completely mad about Histoires de Parfums since the day 1 and most of the time, I had their perfumes on my skin. There is simply no perfume I don’t like from them. When I discuss this line with my friends, we all agree that this is maybe the most complete line there exists because each one of them is marvelous. When I read Luca Turin, the same, only positive criticism. I can’t even highlight my favorites because they’re all too good!

Andy Tauer Perfumes

Andy Tauer – my favorite discovery of the year. I discovered his perfumes recently and went completely mad. This will be my obsession in 2018, I can see that. His Au Coeur du Désert blew me away. There is perfect equilibrium between spices and woods. It’s tremendous perfume that makes me want to bath in. I personally believe, that if he wants, he could become great perfume house, but as far as I can see, he is staying honest to himself and doing everything by his hands from the scratch. For admiration!

Quintessence Œillet Royal

To conclude this list and overview, I am putting a highlight on our homes. Home is our most intimate space, where we live our most negative and positive emotions. I learned in Paris the meaning of candles and why they are important for every home. They mean much more than just a mere candle. My favorite candle brand, Quintessence Paris did a beautiful candle which is remarkable and elegant. The candle is made by Julien Rasquinet who is a hot stuff in the world of perfumery today. It’s the candle that smells even when it’s not lit. Enough said.


I hope you liked this list and therefore, I hope we will have much more fun this year! I wish you all the best in 2018, health, joy and personal success, and of course, good perfumes!

Best regards,


Written by juraj
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