A tour around Zagreb, but with your nose. 

I am dreaming about having my own perfume line soon. That’s why I was very enthusiastic when I saw that someone from my city did a brand dedicated to interior perfumes. Notes of Zagreb shows how Zagreb can be very actual destination, following world’s trends, creating unique products that can compete with well-branded labels, such as “Paris” or “New York”. I am having my home scented with Notes of Zagreb and now, I wouldn’t change it at all. Not even for the By Kilian or Frédéric Malle room diffusor.  Notes of Zagreb is the fragrant story created 3 years ago, made very spontaneously by two partners in crime, Alma and Nino. Both very enthusiastic and youthful, after quitting their careers, they did creative and nice, contemporary brand. Since the beginning, the home of Notes of Zagreb is in Skalinska street, very poetic narrow street in the heart of Zagreb that climbs to Kaptol hill and Dolac market which is famous for its daily offerings. If you pass by, make sure you stop by Skalinska because you will feel very welcome in their boutique. And also, you will get lost in their collection of room sprays.

Notes of Zagreb, room diffusor

I am for 7 years inside the world of fine perfumes and saw a lot of brands, that’s why I was wondering how Notes of Zagreb are being made. I was delighted to see the’re au pair with the brands we are aware of and made in similar manufactures as “big boys”. When you speak with Nino, one of the founders, you can notice that he likes what he does, which makes my impression even better.

Notes of Zagreb, just like the name suggests itself, it’s a fragrant story of Zagreb. They are storytellers of different historic or monumental parts of Zagreb being translated in a perfume for your home. My home actually smells of The Golden Bull, the perfume dedicated to the medieval document which made Gradec (à priori of Zagreb) as a free city, directly governed by the king. On the top are golden notes of bergamot and other citruses that are developing into smooth and warm tones of vanilla and amber. The Golden Bull is very warm, slightly oriental composition with sweet undertones. It makes my living room delicious and warmly welcoming. That’s why I love it so much.

I was also impressed by The Floral Square. Zagreb has two important squares in the center and one of them is Cvjetni Trg (Floral square). Evidently, it’s called that way because since ever, it was possible to buy flowers on that square. Even today, you can find several artisans with extremely gorgeous flowers, selling every day. It’s a popular place to buy a rose when you’re going to a date. Notes of Zagreb’s Floral Square smells of a very classical and typical floral bouquet with announced white flowers. Intense jasmine note is the base of this structure. The perfume makes the room very bright, clean, extremely floral.

The Witch of Grich – my personal favorite

I like spices, sweet-oriental scents, woody dry-downs and Nino knew I would like this one. “The Witch of Grich” is the opus of 7 books written by famous Croatian poet, Marija Juric-Zagorka between 19th and 20th century. She wrote “The Secret of Bloody Bridge” as a journalist, but her work aroused so much interest that publisher told without her knowledge that another 6 books will come out. The Witch of Grich smells on a sweet patchouli, tonka, cardamom, soft spices and warm woods in the dry-down. It’s the most complex scent that Notes of Zagreb has in the line.

I am happy that Zagreb has such beautiful stories translated in perfumes and moreover that Alma and Nino did a great job. There is no reason not to believe in the brand and their long-term success because the quality of the products is the same as of some well-known brands. From the aspect of the insider and passionate lover, that makes me very happy. It’s the brand to be exported; the story, the quality and the soul this brand possesses is of global scale.

I will do the Xmas guide in two weeks where I will suggest creative and cool gifts for Xmas this year and Notes of Zagreb will definitely be included because it rightfully deserves attention.

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