Tingles and excitement as long as there is Histoires de Parfums included.

Gérald Ghislain, a magician of the perfume world. This amusing, family man who loves gastronomy produces one of the best perfume brands there exists currently. Spontaneously or not, Histoires de Parfums is the perfume library with statement, with story and magnificent perfumes to be read on skin. They upgraded their collection with three new creations called En Aparté which means a discrete conversation in private ([a p a R t e] loc. adv. Littér. [ETYM. du latin a et pars, partis : « à part, à côté »]. || Conversation discrète tenue à l’écart. || Discreet conversation, in private.).Fundamental question is the following – how not to be subjective when it comes to Histoires de Parfums? I am not the only one admiring creations curated by Gérald. Luca Turin has put it nicely, saying that Histoires de Parfums demolishes a tired cliché of conventional perfumery. Indeed, rejoice perfume lovers because this brand imbibes high art. Most of the perfumes were created by Sylvie Jourdet, professor of olfaction and perfumery accords at ISPICA. I don’t know who did En Aparté collection, but it’s gorgeous and beautiful.

Histoires de Parfums En Aparté

Irrévérent [i(ʀ)ʀeveʀ ɑ ̃] adj. Litt. [ETYM. Derived from Latin. Irreverens: « rejecting conven – tions »]. It is my favorite perfume of the collection. Opening is sweet, covered with soft spices of cardamom and tonka. HdP is a pioneer of top notes. Not any brand has top notes like this one. Later it turns into perfume pyramid which is my weakness – stunningly beautiful creamy, soft patchouli with suede styrax and gorgeous sandalwood. This composition is beyond imagination. I need to have this one as my 24/7 signature. Irrévérent strikes directly to my weak point of woody-amber compositions!

Outrecuidant [utʀ əkɥidɑ ̃̃] adj. Litt. [ETYM. old French cuidance evolving from the Latin cogitare: « to think » and outre « beyond, too much »]. Sweet spices haven. It can be your escape of everyday’s routine into something protecting, enveloping and sweet. Composition is very gentle, primarily focused on cardamom and very pale, light oriental resins, such as olibanum. Dry down is spectacular because it carries the sweet, soft smell of tobacco with hints of oud. My favorite part of this composition is the nutmeg which lingers in the opening. The accord sings thousand songs, like some famous renaissance castrate.

Prolixe [pʀ ɔliks] adj. Litt. [ETYM. Derived from Latin. Prolixus: « That which is widely diffused »]. Different, very full bodied, like a rubi-red wine grown on sunny slops where tanins were grown to give the fullness to the wine. This is very spicy composition, with cardamom, saffron, pineapple, orange blossom. Labdanum has the main role in the dry-down. Very dominant, present perfume radiating from the skin.

Histoires de Parfums is a nightingale in a summer’s night, when romance awakens and love arouses. Like I told in the beginning, it’s hard not to love this brand because it brings creativeness to the perfume world and excites perfume lovers. Congratulations to Gérald who can always think of something new!


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