Touchstone for By Kilian and Calice Becker. 

It’s already 10 years of By Kilian. I remember it as clearly as a beautiful autumn day with golden sun rays, I was a student who discovered L’Oeuvre Noire perfume line and Kilian made an attendance in person. I was spellbound. Kilian, me and gorgeous masterpieces done by Calice Becker. I am still in love with that line. Nothing can substitute the beauty of Straight to Heaven, Cruel Intentions, Back to Black… But, she did it again!It’s a miraculous talent Calice Becker has. I think she will be remembered for her works for By Kilian because, simply, the brand became world famous and some of the perfumes will stay in the memory as a work of art. Doesn’t time fly? It feels like the hype around Kilian was yesterday. He launched two new creations to celebrate 10th anniversary of his brand, that is a part of Estée Lauder group. Two novelties, Woman in Gold and Gold Knight are a part of From Dusk till Dawn collection, inspired by gold and paying homage to Gustav Klimt.

When I heard about new creations, I was allured with their names. He is simply a mastermind when it comes to intelligent branding. I consider myself as a rational man, but when it comes to Kilian perfumes, everything becomes completely opposite.

Woman in Gold By Kilian by BL’eauOG

Woman in Gold is inspired by the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, known as the “Austrian Mona Lisa” or “Golden Adele” (1907). Indeed the portrait, that is a part of the New Gallery in New York is a perfect embodiment of this perfume. If you look at it, you will be able to notice the gentle golden tones and a touch that only Klimt could possess.

Calice Becker expressed her talent one more time. It’s really wonderful to see how she can keep up the good work constantly. I am usually not a fan of jasmine and green tones wrapped up in floral heart, but this one is pretty amazing. I wonder why she isn’t in all popular books about perfumery enlisted as one of the superstars. It would be interested to read what critics, like Turin have to say about this work.

Immerse yourself into a golden field, full of sambac jasmine and gentle roses with vanilla lurking around. That’s the impression of this perfume. The heart is so well-made, with Kilian signature inside. The perfume announces presence and leaves a beautiful sillage with feminine signature of seduction. This is subtle, elegant and dangerous perfume. Ultimate feminine asset to bring you down to your knees. Has very addictive tones that are between gourmand and floral ones. Contrasting tones do not let the perfume go into gourmand mode, but turn it into soft spicy and floral composition. Bergamot contributes to zesty opening with green and pale facets which develops for a while, but then turns into jasmine sambac and honey with spicy vanilla. The signature of this perfume is “gold”. The heart also has a gentle, soft, powdery rose that gives just a pale effect of a rose. Everything respires with gold until it finally develops into beautiful soft, woody, pale patchouli base.

Woman in Gold is sublime, elegant, feminine perfume. It’s an asset when visiting national opera house or expensive restaurant while you are aware that others will be elegant too, but simply, you want to put your seal to the evening with a perfume that smells expensive!

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Juraj, BL’eauOG

Written by juraj
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