Les nuits de vêpres. 

I can count real niche brands on the palm of a hand. Certainly, Naomi Goodsir Parfums is part of them. When you look inside the Goodsir universe, everything is under the veil, but intriguing and captivating. Externally, what we can see, captivates me. Aesthetically, I would like to have each fragrance. My whisper in the dark is Cuir Velours, perfume for which I think every lover of leather perfume should have in collection. The same goes for Nuit de Bakélite, a unique tuberose as a collection edition.

I can freely say that I did not smell anything similar. Nuit de Bakélite is an exorbitant and brutal green tuberose. Completely another take on tuberose, for which you did not have the opportunity to experience before. It’s not like Fracas, reference tuberose. It’s lovely, different, green. It is loaded with galbanum, roots and minerals. The heart is an infusion of tuberose, strong and spell-bounding, green, hypnotic, vegetal and enchanting. It is a very interesting perfume of tuberose because it is different, unique. Underneath the brutal tuberose is soft, suede leather. So interesting.

Tuberose by Naomi Goodsir Parfums

There is something enchanting about it. When I was living in Paris, I discovered that every day at 17h45 at Victor Hugo’s intriguing Notre Dame are Les Vêpres. Vesperal singing followed by magical organ. It was so fascinating that you could barely see how melody floats from one stone wall to another. Nuit de Bakélite would definitely be my choice N° 1 for Les Vêpres.

This is extremely good work by Isabelle Doyen, ISIPCA’s ex-student who is a part-time teacher there. Nuit de Bakélite has the famous signature of Naomi Goodsir and that is uniqueness. It is as addictive as drinking cocktail called ‘vesper’, when you are enchanted, but don’t know whether you will be poisoned or not. I tell you, it is worth of risk.

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