Big extracts from
small bottles!

 Jovoy Paris made one of the biggest perfume events on Friday
evening. It was a cocktail party where Jovoy hosted the crème de la crème of
the perfume world. That is simply the style of Jovoy. Also, that was an occasion
to present the newest perfume brand that is called Jeroboam which has a cool
idea behind!
François Hénin is very spontaneous guy that likes to
make jokes and play with words. He says, “in
the beginning, there was ‘origino’ (origin on Esperanto)
”. The first of the
line was Origino which is based on musk created by freelance perfumer Vanina
Muracciole. This cup of concentrated musk in the form of an extract is the
origin for the whole new universe for Hénin who also runs Jovoy boutiques and
perfumes. This new universe “should be olfactive
exploration, the game between Vanina and you. The base of the perfume will be
the connection between the two. Very fast, the pieces will assemble together,
like the puzzle in the form of commercial slogans

Jovoy Paris

The bottles of 30ml have the name of something
completely opposite. Jeroboam is the allusion to the bottles of 6l capacity for
whiskeys or grands vins. The contrast always amuses François so he has chosen
on purpose the contrast – small and strong perfumes that can substitute the
liquid in much greater volume. He decided to use extracts this time because the
composition offers the splendor of the scent and all the power of ingredients.
Sillage is enormous while the allure is noble. Extracts is also daring
composition because it can’t be wore by many. Origino is the flagship of the
line. It has Esperanto name because François wanted to create the universal
line of perfumes, to use the language of universal approach. This time,
extracts are very approachable because they are not as suffocating as they can
be. The main idea behind Jeroboam is ‘Lingvo
(international language) that is the discourse of many, easy
approachable. Perfumes became international language of seduction.
Myself, I liked Origino very much. For me, it is the
best of the line, it is the most original of the five and most ‘me’. It is
composed of several muscs and its structure shouldn’t be described. It should
be worn and revealed on the skin. It is mainly based on rose, sandalwood and
lot of pheromone effects.
Insulo is composed around vanilla. For François,
vanilla is the core of the seductive soul. It is an overload of oriental vanilla,
jasmine and musk, of course.
The dancers of French Cancan, from the emblematic
Parisian bars from the Belle époque, liked to be perfumed distinctively. That
is why Chanel told that the woman should wear a perfume where she would like to
be kissed. It is the perfume with very ‘skin effect’. It is composed of fruits,
tuberose, rose, spices and musk in the base.
Oriento is oriental floral scent. This primarily the
rose oud perfume. Very dark and opulent rose. It is the scent of Saffron,
citron, rose, sandalwood and oud.
Miksado is very interesting and daring perfume. You
should try it before anything else. The name tells everything. It is the fusion
of three worlds – spicy-fruity, woody and amber. Smells on labdanum, saffron,
cedar wood, guaiac, patchouli, vanilla and unknown materials. Definitively a
scent to explore.

Juraj, BL’eauOG      
Written by juraj
My name is Juraj Sotosek-Rihtarec and I am the only person that runs this BL’eauOG. BL’eauOG is the play of words meaning “blog” and “eau” which means “water” in French, allusion to “Eau de Parfum” for example, and you read it simply as “bloog”. I started my blog several years ago and I imagined it as a place where I can express my critics on the world of fine perfumes. You can find new perfume reviews, interviews, articles about the perfume and something very interesting – video campaigns I did for perfume brands and olfactive dinners which I regularly do (dinner inspired with perfumes). I studied two Masters, one in Croatia and second one in Paris, which enabled me to become the insider of the industry. Life in Paris changed my opinion about perfumes and consequently, my taste changed. I am most proud of being a TED lecturer. I hope you will enjoy this blog and my articles on perfumes.